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reflection 12: Finally……*phewwwww*

Assalamualaikum….and hi everyone

today is the 1st of June and this is our last Education in Technology class…..

when i reached the class, i saw no one there except for me and aqila..but Dr.Rosseni had been waiting for us to come..together with En.Helmi..and after a moment, say…like 15 mins..most of my classmates are there…

I asked dr.Rosseni whether i have to make re-present my video today..and guess what she said?..she said.. “yes, this class is ONLY for that..i was about to leave since no one make an effort to make it, because i thought you were not that prepared..i only waited for another 5 mins to make my leave”..and me and zura was like..opss..really??>.yikes! come we never thought of that….thank goodness i asked her..hehehe


this Remake video was made by me and zura…we..well, we dont really asked for Sarah group’s help since they use another application which is not familiar to again, we use windows live movie maker..but this time, we use a lot of editing, photoshop, etc, etc..thanks to zura for this….

so, here’s our video…

and finally…both of our juries Dr.Rosseni and En.Helmi told us it was a very good job, with a lot of editing techniques used..good backgroud musics, the message ore conveyed well..and i feel like a total relief..because i dont think i’ll be able to remake the video again id they asked me to do so…once again!..ahhh..clearly i’ll be dead!…



ahhh…now im happy!!!!


that’s all from me…and im happy to be able to learn all of this new things this class, thanks to Dr.Rosseni, our mentors, En.Helmi, Pn. Hazrati, En.Yusuf (he lovesss snapping pictures..haha) and last but not least, En.Faisal…and thanks again for teaching us patiently and sharing with us a lot of interesting new info about computer’s’ll never be forgotten….

btw, we had this small photo sessions before we leave today…and here are some pictures from it…






the man with the glasses, sitting down on your En.Helmi..(we owe him lot)..and the pink lady in the middle, is Dr.Rosseni..thanks for everything Dr…and me? in green…=)


that’s all from me…have urself a joyful day, weeks,ans year!!!…see you when i’ll see you…


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reflection 11:presentation week



Today was a our presentation day and my feeling are all mixed, anxious, excited, nervous..all in one at the same time..imagine that!

there 4 groups presenting all together.first group was Aqila’s group with a video entitled “One Million steps” . This video is basically about how to spend RM 100 around Putrajaya…i must say it was a very good job..very impressive…but however, there are several pictures and videos that they took from the internet..(which is alright because Dr.Rosseni did told us that we can do that in the early of our semester)..second group goes to Sarah’s group with their video entitled ” The Ultimate Jouney”. This video was tergetted to tourists who wants to visits Malaysia as their destinations which also good because they use a lot of transitions and the background musics fir very well with their pictures and transitions…and as for our group..we came in third…

The targetted audience for our videos is, basically, our video is about interesting places where the photographers can go to make their photoshoot sessions and we chose 4 lakes around the Klang Valley. The most special things about our video is we’ve done it all by ourselves, from capturing the videos and pictures, to editing and all..none of the pics and videos taken from the net…

After finishing presenting the video to our class, Dr.Rosseni and En.Helmi gave theior comments to our video..and the sad things is..we need to remake our video again…with most of the assigments due dates are getting nearer..not to mention the study week and examinations..we’ve been asked to remake the video again..i dont know, but i feel very much down for a moment..i really feel that our group’s efforts of finishing the video is not very much appreciated…

However,the reason why Dr.Rosseni asked us to do it again is not because our video’s presentation is bad…but it’s because of we missed several editing techniques..and that techniques will help us to get a good mark in this course..and not that we have to do it all again all alone..Dr.Rosseni had assigned sarah’s group to help us, it was not a very bad day..but well, i still feel frustrated…

Anyway, i guess we have to work hard again so our video will appear more ineresting and catchy..and no, im not that mad to anyone..just feel frustrated with all the things that happened today..but come’s normal….=)

may your day are better than mine, everyone….=)

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reflection 10: another workshop to attend….


another day for our workshop today, and today workshop is only about video editing..which of course, conducted by En.Helmi. Like i’ve mentioned before, today, En.Helmi explained to us about how to use Adobe Premier CS 4, which is the best application for video editing. It is actually a collection of graphic design, video editing and web development applications made by Adobe systems. with the capabilities of editing all kind of video formats and has all of the important features for video editing including the 3D  editing feature, makes Adobe Premier CS 4 the best video editing application ever. well, i kinda anxious to know how to use this application because from my pint of view, this looks very much interesting..i hope it’s not as complicated as adobe photoshop or windows live movie maker..ahh, i think i just had enough with those two..what can i do, i dont really think im born to be someone who’s good in using this kind of applications..or maybe it’s because i’ve never really been exposed to these kind of things before that made me feel quite anxious, but at the same time eager to know..well, im not that sure of it….

So, after a few hours of En.Helmi explaining to us about how to use the Adobe Premier CS 4, which requires so many skills since it has so many features..i finally understood that, NO..i cant use this application for my video editing or my video wont ever finish. I talked to my group members, and made a little discussion about our decision on using adobe premier CS 4 for our video and after several minutes, all of us achieve a decision where we wont use adobe Premier CS 4. why?..well, we dont even know how to make the narration when we use adobe premier!!!’s that explains to u??..imagine that, if we cant do the simplest can we manage to cut, edit the video, saturation, hue, etc, etc!!..this will definitely takes at least 3 months..and the bad news is, we only has about 3 weeks to go!!…

adobe premiere cs4…ahh..

After having our hard time struggling to understand Adobe Premier cs4, En.Helmi brought us back to photoshop. and no, this time its not like yesterday, the one that En.faisal taught us was all about using the features in the photoshop to make our pictures appear more interesting, more beautiful, more clear..and has stories behind the picture, just like what En.Faisal told us on the day we went for our Putrajaya trip.

see the piture, there are so many features we’ve learnt today

Before the workshop ended, En.Helmi asked us to open Adobe Soundbooth again.. (ahh, here we go again!..)..well, the reason it is is because, the confusion happened in our group since in our video, we planned to do some narration but, we cant manage to do the narration by using adobe Premier cs4. so, En.helmi suggested us to recoed our voice in Adobe Soundbooth abd create a file out of it..then only we could attach it or insert it in Adobe Premier as the narration,.2 jobs to be done..2 jobs, that we’re so bad in it have to be done. However, it was a great and well-planned workshop by En.helmi because everything went out so smoothly. (though, as always, we always have this problem of catching up with things.)

About one hour left before our workshop ended, En.Helmi giving us some time for us to sit in our group and discuss about our video production. we’ve decided several important things like which applications to use, what message want to be emphasize, and etc, etc. Ahh, so that’s it for today, yeah it’s very exhausting week, and tomorrow would be a presentation day for me..wish me luck..

p/s: i never regret attending this workshop..never ever, because it’s obvious i’ve received a lot of input from that least, im not that ‘blind’ in suing computer applications anymore…

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reflection 9: editting workshop


hello there again..ahh, to be honest, this week is a very tiring week for us because well, yesterday was our trip to Putrajaya and today, plus tomorrow would be our workshop day for our editing. which means…NO WEEKENDS FOR US!!!….

our workshop today started at 9 am in the morning. And the first session is about adobe photoshop my En.Faisal…what’s adobe photoshop?..okay, i’ll tell you..basically, adobe photoshop is used to make our picture more interesting, more lively, and yeah, it helps photographers to produce impressive works via this application.  ahh, and mind u what En.Faisal taught us are all basic skills (which is enough to make us feel all dizzy). En.Faisal taught us to make banners for our blog..and hmm…when i check my blog..i see there’s no place for any i need to learn this one too??..(ahaha…im just confused enough to layered the picture one after another..and now he asked me to create a banner??..oh my, oh my….)..but anyway, Dr.Rosseni said, to those who’s blog doesnt have any spaces for banners, they need to post it in their own blog as a picture..(which basically means, i have no other choice but to make it..ahhh..oh my, oh my….)..En.faisal show us few of his works, and i must say, it’s very much impressive..a plenty of gratitude to En.Faisal for the sharing of knowlegde, and i truly respect them, i mean our mentors because..they stop trying to explain us again and again including en.Faisal. (ahh, in case u havent realised i, our class now have at least 4 mentors…5 including Dr.Rosseni herself..ahh, what a bless)

so..after a few hour maybe?..i manage to create this banner of mine..(with a lot of hardwork!!!…yikes!)..

so, that’s the end of our first session today….(im not particularly sure about my header size since my blog doesnt need any header, so the size of my banner here is 600 x 300)

after having our coffee break, En.Helmi taking over our class…the first thought that came into my mind would be..”ahh, this wont be hard oi believe..” but then again, my intuition is very wrong since en. Helmi will teach us about adobe primer, soundbooth, movie maker, etc, etc…and im sooooooooooo not good at this!!!….

basically, today is our post-production day since we have had our materials captured yesterday in Putrajaya. So today is all about editting, transferring, audio aditing, and etc, etc. According to En.Helmi, there at least 3 types of videos transfer er , namely transfer, hard disk  transfer, mini disk transfer and tape transfer and its is depends on the type of the video for us to choose to which form of transfer should we used.

En.Helmi taught us how to cut the video if its too long, gives effects and trasitions to the video just to make is more interesting, and together to make the message of our video conveyed well. a good combination of all of these will help a to create a good video. We are also being exposed to several types of audio, such as voice, musics (the one that helps u to create some moods) and sound effect. i didnt know about this before, to me all of them are sounds, i mean, i never really put them into a certain classifications and yeah, this is interesting…so, that’s the end of our theoritical class for using the soundbooth and etc, etc..we continued back our session right after we performed our solah zuhur and had our lunch..

the last session for today’s workshop is the finalizing the here are some picture for me to show you what sis we really do in this session;

yup..this is the application called ‘soundbooth”..and it’s more than COMPLICATED to me…

and another thing that En.Helmi taught us today is windows live movie maker…looks simple, but try it, it’s quite complicated as well..though not as complicated as soundbooth for sure…but thanks to En.Helmi for always, he always patiently explain to us the same things again and again..thanks thanks thanks….=)

windows live movie maker

ahhh….so that’s the end of our workshop for today…and tommorrow, if im not mistaken, En.helmi will teach us how to use adobe primer..yeah, it’s the same with movie maker where the main function of it is to make a video and editing and all…but, from his brief explanation, i can feel that adobe primer would be tougher than movie maker..anyway, let’s see about it tomorrow… for now, i better head to’s had been a long, loong, looooong day…and btw, getting new info is, it’s excellent..but if u have to explore new things in one go..all in one day…6 hours straight..hmm..i afraid, it’s not all that good after gives me quote a headache to catch up with everything…but all in all, it was a tiring and exhaustive’s FUN…=))

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reflection 8: Off to Putrajaya!!….

Assalamualaikum…and hello to all…

i have a bad new..and one good news..which one do you prefer to know first???…ahh, nevermind, i think i’ll just tell you the bad news first. The bad news is, mid-sem break is over, so basically, now im back to my hostel…which is not a really fun things to happen..because i know i’ll struggle to death to finish all the overload assignments and all.. (dear people, it’s highly recommended for you to avoid procrastination)..but the good news is, well…we’re going to Putrajaya this week!!!…wowwwieee, seems like Dr.Rosseni was keeping to her promises..thank you, thank you…hehehe…


Anyway, we start our trip by almost 3 pm because it’s Friday, and we cant manage to start our day early since all the men have to perform their Friday Prayer. But there are some confusion happened before we start our journey. We received a different kind of instruction from 2 different people on where should we wait for the bus. One said we have to wait at KTAMS..and another one said we suppose to wait for it back at our faculty..ahh, confusion, confusion..after several minutes of thinking, we prefer to wait for the bus at KTAMS..i dont know how this happened, supposedly, things like this should be avoided since we had wasted so many times just to decide at which place should we wait for the bus, and another WALLA, it’s a wrong place…which means, we have to went back to the faculty because one of our friends received a SMS from Dr.Rosseni telling us that the bus is actually waiting for us as early as 2 pm..and  it was about to leave since the driver thought our trip is cancelled. AAAhhhh, now we had to..sort of, running towards our faculty just to stop the bus from leaving!…

stop, bluebuddy said STOP!


we reached to our destination at about 3.20 pm and the journey begins. First of all, we’re being introduced to En.faisal and by my understanding, i think En.Faisal is one of Dr.Rosseni’s son..thank you, En.Faisal for your willingness to waste your precious time to join our trip to Putrajaya. Appreciate that a lot, really…ahh, before i forgot, all of our mentors also join our trip, En.Helmi, En.Yusuf..except for Pn.Hazriati, because she had another important thing to attend. En.Faisal is very professional about the usage of the DSLR. So, the main reason for Dr.Rosseni asked him to join the trip is because En.faisal will be able to teach us all the functions that we could find in DSLR. and i must complement him for sure, he’s not only teach us how to use the functions, but also he alsotaught us how to snap interesting picture, a picture that has a story behind it. According to En. Faisal, every picture will have a different kind of stories, and it’s up to the photographer on how to express it in the picture.

so, below are some pics that we took while we were there in Putrajaya:

rozai as the model…


it’s raining!!!




briefing in the bus


wait mr. BUS!!

that’s all for now…have urself a good day!


reflection 7: H.O.L.I.D.A.Y!!!

Assalamualaikum…and hello there again, people!!

THE MID-SEM BREAK IS FINALLY HERE!!!..well, im actually at my home now, and obviously, there’ was no GGGE 2153 Technology In Education class this week..hmm..honestly, i’m not particularly sure abaout my feeling, i mean..yeah, it’s good that i dont have to attend any classes this week..but, thinking of the loads of assignments i have..and plus, this video making tasks..hmm..i guess this wont really be a wonderful holiday for me…kinda sad when i think of that, really..but anyway, the good part is, I’M HOME!! well, i guess i could manage that…hmm…we’ll see…

no class!!!..yay!..hehe

Technically, there’s not so much to tell..except for, if im not mistaken, Dr.Rosseni did mention to us that she’ll take to Putrajaya, just for us to be more exposed on the things they taught us a few weeks know, which interesting angel, how to use video cam, how to use DSLR, etc, etc..well, to me its a good effort because well, these kind of things cant only be taught theoritically, but also practically..i barely understand about the functions of all the buttons on the DSLR though Dr.Rosseni, Pn.Hazrati and En.Helmi did told us again and again about the functions in the DSLR..but oh well..nothing’s better that do it practically.

Anyway, i should’ve mentioned to you that,my group, Escape Into the Nature’s group, had already visited several places for our video. Our video is basically about places that could attract nature lovers and photographers to do their photoshoot session there. We chose, Taman Tasik Titiwangsa, Taman Tasik Perdana, and Taman Tasik Permaisuri. So, before the mid-sem break started, we decided to visit and make some video shooting on one of the places that we chose. And for start, we chose Taan Tasik Titiwangsa. Below are some pics that  we took when we were there for our video making project;

look at that!!…wasn’t it beautiful???

uh-huh…u could see KLCC and Istana Budaya from there…

just beautiful

well then, i guess it’s enough for now…if u want to look more, u have to wait for our video of course..

It’s a wonderful experience having the opportunity to snap these pictures and videos. However, there’s also an unpleasant incident happened while we were there..We cant really manage to snap a lot of pictures there because..our DSLR’s BATTERY are running out!!!…yikess!! we just snapped all the pic that we want as fast as possible for the camera is totally yes, maybe some of our pictures quality are low..hmm..and it’s frustrating!…anyway, Bunches of gratitude to Kak Lin as, she’s the one who drives us there..and we use her DSLR camera..ahh, i dont what will happen without her??..i dont know, but i dnt really this it would be possible for me to go to each of the lakes…

that’s all for me for this week..have urself a nice holiday everyone..~~~

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Reflection 6: …im going to go back home tonight!!!…

hey there…Assalamualaikum..O(n.n)O

Today is a happy day for me for sure..i’ll be going back home for my mid semester break..nahh, im not the other who sometimes prefers to stay here since they said ” ahh, it’s onlt one week break!’s not worth it..i better spend my time with some friends or whatsoever..but NOT going home..”..well, my friend..if u asked me, even if i got one day break, i may consider to get back home as me old-fashioned, non-trendy, boring, immature..i least care about it..all i care is I MISS HOMEE~~~…(ahh, sorry, i guess i got to carried out by the spirit of going home tonight…hahaha)

I remember when i was in my primary school, during my standard 4 where students will be allowed to join several co-curricular first, i chose to enter the computer club. i went there for the first meeting..eager..excited..but..on the next meeting after that, well..i ran away..come to think of it, i feel it’s an ironic for me to take this course as i have to struggle for it for almost 6 months..and heyyy, im not so bad at it, really..(perhaps because our class are blessed with excellent mentors?..well..maybe..or maybe i’ve became matured enough..knowning that i couldnt always ran away from the things i dont really like?..or..maybe i’m forcing myself to stick with this course since it is one of the requirement subject for me to get the degree?..hmm..i guess, the answer would be D: ALL OF ABOVE)…but, i have to admit that this course giving me quite a lot of FUN..different from any other courses of course..which is very good in helping me to release my tensed.

As always, there will always be a recalling session in our class before our lecturer start out lesson for the day..after a few minutes of recalling, En. Helmi told us that today we’re going to enter the production phase of the video production. So, our first lesson would be, the different angels and shots for taking pictures or recording a video.

Basically, there are 2 important rules while videotaping/ taking pictures.

rule 1:The most important rule when videotaping people is to always compose your shot so that the subject is cut off in between joints. Even if you are videotaping Lego characters this rule still applies! Don’t cut your subjetc at the knee, neck, elbow or waist. Try to think about this when you plan the shots in your storyboard.

rule 2:Always shoot one scene from one angle and then move the camera or change the angle for the next shot. If you don’t do this you will get a “jump cut.” The example here shows a jump cut and and then a second take of the same scene without a jump cut.

and below is the example of picture shot angles together with its description;

ECU - Extreme Closeup ECU – Extreme Closeup
The extreme close up is used to reveal very small details in the scene. It might be used to reveal horror in a subject (extreme close up of the subject’s mouth as she/he screams). It might also be used in a mystery to show some detail that the detective picks up on or to show some small clue.
CU - Close Up CU – Close Up
The close up shot is used to reveal detail. If you are shooting just the head and shoulders of a subject this is a close up.
Head and Shoulders Head and Shoulders
The head and shoulders shot is used in news broadcasts. If you think about the television news you will realize that this shot reveals enough detail to see the subject’s lips move and the expression on her/his face.
Bust Shot Bust Shot
This shot shows your subject from above the knees to above the head. It is often used when the subject of the shot is doing something that requires the audience to see some detail.
MS - Medium Shot MS – Medium Shot
The medium shot is from just below the waist to above the head. There is more headroom than in the bust shot. This show is used if the person is animated with their hand movements, etc. 
MLS - Medium Long Shot MLS – Medium Long Shot
Remember in this shot to not cut ther person off at the knees. With this shot, you can still see expression on the persons face, while getting more information from what is going on around the person.
LS - Long Shot LS – Long Shot
This shot is useful for someone that is walking or moving.
ELS - Extra Long Shot ELS – Extra Long Shot
Also known as the Establish shot, this gives the viewer some perspective as to where the subject is. This is very important if the subject is moving to new locations or times. It lets the viewer know where the video is taking place.
2 Shot 2 Shot
Two-shots are composed when two people are in the scene and their interaction is important. A two-shot is a good way to introduce a conversation. From the introduction you might cut to an over the shoulder shot of one person talking or a close-up of the other person reacting to what is being said.
OS - Over Shoulder OS – Over Shoulder
The over the shoulder shot reveals one subject as seen from over the shoulder of another subject. It simulates a view of the subject as seen from the second person’s eyes. This shot is often used in conversations between two people where the dirtector wants to focus on the person speaking. Usually these shots are head shots (close ups of the speaker).

Apart from this, En Helmi also taught us a few movements of the video recorder that we could use while we recording our video soon. There are about 5 movements respectively. Each is known as Zoom ( zoom-in and zoom-out; but we should be very careful while suing this movement because if we’re not professional enough, the object appear might be unrealistic.), Pan (in which camera is activated in the horizontal direction, but the cameraman did not move from its original position. Pan movement is commonly used to  describe the speed of the objects), Dolly (shows a change in shot in a more natural perspective), Truck ( same shot with a dolly, but its direction is different where the movement is from left to right (or right to left) of the whole camera.), and Tilt (camera is activated in the vertical direction)…

so..that’s was it for our lecture, as for our tutorial class, En.Helmi asked us to create our mobile tag..and below  is my group’s;

   our group’s mobile tag!

and ahh, before i forgot, this is the link to our ‘company’ websites. Do visit us there!!!…;


All in all, today’s lecture was a very stressful one..ahh, mind, it’s not En.Helmi’s fault..nor do our fault..but, yeah, stressful..i cant seems to understand what i’ve learnt today…and En.Helmi’s lecture, is i may a little too having this problem of catching up..but anyway, it’s still fun and interesting, i mean, i never really been exposed to this kind of things before…wahahaahahaha….bye then, i cant wait to be HOME!!!!!!……

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Reflection 5: Company website and Business card.

*knock, knock*..Assalamualaikum…morning people!..

*phew*…what an exhausting week this week…ahh..anyway, as always i had my Educational Technology Class today and today, we’ve learnt about paper prototyping together with mobile tag that was usually embedded on the card print, together with designing our group websites..

Due to several misunderstandings, our class started 30 mins later than before..and we’ve changed the venue of the class as well, but anyway, this is not a big matter..let’s not put the blame to anyone..i mean, come on..mistakes happened, right??…*smiles*

for the third time, Our class is conducted by Encik Helmi. (what can we say..he’s just ssooooo superb in this subject matter..ahhh..salute you, sir!)..En.Helmi proceeded with his lecture last week where he stopped at the Pre-production stage in his video production module to us. He asked us to recap on what we had learnt last week, which to me is a very good thing to so since well, i could recall and remember all the basic or important point that we had learnt last week like, for example..he asked us about what’s the meaning of scriptwriting ( writing a script for planning and schedule of scenes, plots, time, location, characters and actions in video production.) and also storyboards (sketches, which help visualize what is in the scene, camera setups, music and sound effects setup and anything else that it is important to guide in production of videos.) According to En.Helmi, this two elements are very much important in producing a video..hmm….if u asked me..well, i guess i just have to agree with him since, preparing the script and storyboard will actually help me and my groupmates to plan on what are the things that we want to include in out video. which of course a vital things to do. In order to deliver our group’s video message, we really need to have a very detail plan on what should we do, shoot, narrate in our video, right???…

After all the recap-ing and recalling session, Mr. Helmi then proceed to today’s lecture regarding on prototyping, business card (in the form of mobile tag) and also designing our group website (If you’re still wondering why we have to design our so-called ‘company website’ is because, one of the task in this class is to create a video based on a topic that will be given soon..and from what i’ve heard, Dr.Rosseni told us that, the topic for this semester has something to do for tourism..that’s why we need to create a company websites, pretending that we’re one of the tourism companies in Malaysia and is trying to open the heart of the tourists to come and have a visit here.)

i should give lots of compliments to En.Helmi for his dedications of helping us together with preparing us with the good materials in our’s clearly seen that En.Helmi had put a lot of effort in designing his website in order for us to understand the lesson better. (though, maybe this was his project in persuing his PhD (again, salute to u, sir..ahh), but still..he didnt stop asking us whether we could understand the lesson or not and so on and so forth..and IF let say we say we dont understand it, he’ll definitely try to explain us again and again until we have the bits of important does Pn.Hazrati..and ohh, not to mentioned Dr.Rosseni..we’re blessed to have them in our class,really since..well, we’re sooo not good in technologies..hahaha…

 For planning out our website design, En.Helmi told us that we’re going to use “paper prototyping” instead of sketch..well, i dont know what he meant for that at first..but after several explanation, it’s is clear to me that paper prototyping is used for us to plan on what we want to have in our gorup website. 5 main elements that we should have in our group websites are main page, General summary of our website, Products page (Image gallery, Video gallery), About us (Who you are?, Your team members?), and also how the customer want to Contact us if let say they’re interested in our tourism activities. According to En.Helmi, the main purposes of using paper prototyping is to plan the overall layout of your website, information can be searched easily in website and also message is conveyed to the audience easily.

After all those ‘hardships’ in understanding what’s the main point of today lecture, En.Helmi then annouced that we’re going to produce our very first paper prototyping today and we was like..”whaaa??..reallly??’s that possible??..” (because if u dont know, we will need a lot of materials in order to produce this paper prototypes..and to your surprise, since we dont know this task coming, none of us prepared with any materials!..not even a piece of A4 papers…however, thanks again to En.Helmi (seriously, sir..we owe u A LOT) he had brough all the materials need for that prototyping activities!..he brought us the the board, colour papers,  sticky papers, magic pens and othersss…(thankssss…), since we already have all the materials needed to produce the prototype, what are waiting for then..OFF TO WORK, people!!!…hahahaha…

After several minutes of discussing and planning on what should we have in our group websites (well, to be actually takes quite a lot of time), we’ve came out with this achievements:-

think, think, think


heyyy…what are u doing???


and in the end…this is our achievement!!..this is the paper prototype of OUR group website!!!…


that’s all for today, peeps..see you in my next post!….bye bye byeeeee…hahaha..

p/s: oh, forgot to mentioned here that, our group consists of 4 people which are myself, Nur Azlin (Kak Lin), Rozaidah, and last but not least, Siti Zamzuraini or for short, we called her zura..hehehee~~~

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Reflection 4: Designing media and instruction~~~


Pn. Hazriati taking over the class again today..and she said we’ll be discussing about designing media and instruction..well, as always, i have no idea what exactly was that..but anyway, let’s just stay focus and see what does she meant by designing media and instruction, shall we?…(btw, we received one good news from Pn.Hazriati today, she said that our class lecture is faster than the other..which could be considered as bonus..*wink, wink*..)

well, from Pn. Hazriati expalanation about the istructional media, i could conclude that the meaning of instructional media is all the materials and physical means an instructor might use to implement instruction and facilitate students’ achievement of instructional objectives. This may include traditional materials such as chalkboards, handouts, charts, slides, overheads, real objects, and videotape or film, as well newer materials and methods such as computers, DVDs, CD-ROMs, the Internet, and interactive video conferencing. But, according to Dick and Reise (1989), it is a systematic process of designing, developing, implementing and evaluating instruction. Due to Richey (1989), it is the science of creating detailed specifications for the development, evaluation, and maintenance of situations which facilitate the learning of both large and small units of subject matter….sounds complicated, huh??…oh well, my mom always said that there’s nothing more complicated than learning new things..because the complicated part is when we want to understand it..and apply it..ahh, quite complicated indeed..but i guess, it’s worth tyring!..

so..after i’ve been exposed to instructional media kind of things..i begun to wonder what exactly the main purpose of  implementing this media designing and instruction in school??..i mean,  we’re going to be a school teacher?..definitely not a computer technician or something relating to computer profession..(yeah, i sound silly..but anyway, that’s what i feel at first..). Curiosity kills a cat, so..i began searching for information on Google, just to ensure that i’ll understand the meaning of media designing and instructional deep enough…so here’s what i got;

The usage of instructional media is mostly to facilitate learning or increase understanding of the material taught in class. Though one of the challenging skills that require in delivering the lesson by using the instructional media is the communicative skills, together with creative effort to achieve variety of implicit goals, but it’s believe that learning could be more effective by suing these media..(now, people..who said being a teacher is an easy job?!!)

basically, there are several important steps in conducting this instructional media in class which is well known as ASSURE model. yup, u’re right..A.S.S.U.R.E is actually an abbreviation. allow me to share u the picture or diagram of ASURRE model so u could understand it better..

these are the requirement of ASSURE model…. i was like..’OOoohhhh, now that was it…no wonder its known as ASSURE model since A is stands for Analyze leaners, S is for state the objective of the learning, another S is for methods and media Selections, U is for utilization of the media, R for the Requirement of students’ participation and the last letter, E stands for Evaluations and that’s why they call it ASSURE..very, no genius!…hmm..i want to make things clearer for my reader here, so here, i attached another diagram about ASSURE model.

ASSURE…got it? it?..wasnt that a genius??…wow!

so, that’s it about our class today…we’ve been discussing about this topic for almost an hour before En.Helmi came in for us to proceed with our tutorial session..(oh gosh, what can i say..our class are blessed with more than one tutors..what a lucky class i must say..haha)..and not to mentioned how we’ve bombarding  Pn. Hazriati with a lot of questions regarding our topic today.. (sorry, madam..we’re not that good in understanding computer terms..but i must say that u’re a good tutor for..well..u never, ever ignore our questions..though most of the times are the silly ones…hehehe…thanks a lot..appreciate it.)

Before i ended my post this time, i’d like to share a little bit on what we’ve done in our tutorial class with En.Helmi..u do know that we have to come out with a video and the end of this class, dont you?, yeah, basically, that’s what we’ve been discussing in the class out tutorial class…to be honest, i cant really understand the theory of video production yet..but i also cant deny the fact that, despite we’re in the tensed kind of environment (since we cant really understand a thing!..hahaha)..i enjoyed being in this tutorial session..because u know what?, u know what?..we’ll have the chance to use IPAD!!!…hehehehehehe….(n.n)v

that’s all for now..phewww, been tired of writing…have urself a nice day!….

have a nice day, everyone!

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Reflection 3: Mobile + Blog = Moblogs..(n.n)v


We went to our educational technology class today filled with anticipation and curiosity on what will we be learning in our class. It’s a kind of mixture feeling for me soooo not good these kind of things, really..*sigh*…but anyway, let’s get back to our topic…

~ anticipation ~~

In class, Dr.Rosseni introduced us with her PhD’s student namely, Encik Helmi and his friend, En.Yusuf..well, it’s quite a surprised for me..and my classmates when Dr.Rosseni announced that Encik Helmi will be taking over the class for a few weeks to come..but well, changes are always welcome so..heyyy EN.HELMI, welcome to our SMALL CLASS… (ohh, don’t get me wrong, EN. YUSUF too, was welcome for sure..heheheee…welcome, welcome, welcome)

:: welcome to our small class, En.Helmi, En.Yusuf…we’re glad to have u here::

After introducing themselves, En.Helmi started our lecture by introducing us the word MOBLOGS. I don’t know, but at first, It sounds like one of the robots in transformers movies to me…and well, I found this name quite funny..i mean, come on..why don’t u try say the word MOBLOGS for 5 times faster for a couple of times…hahaha…ahh, before I forgot, En.Helmi touch a little bit about mobile tag. What’s mobile tag?? tag a something like barcode sort of know, one tag is specifically for one in our case, one tag for one blog…

~~an example of a mobile tag and this is our group blog’s mobile tag!..~~

Moblogs is actually a kind of blog that could be access through ipad or any other gadget that support the application., it’s not one of transformers’ robot name. in case you don’t know, En.Helmi have to explain to us abt this a few time for since none of our facial expression had convinced him that we understood on the things he said..thanks for not being tired explaining these things to us..appreciate that a lot actually..and a big hearty THANKS to Dr. Rosseni as well for clearing things out..ahh, I don’t know what will happen to me if she didn’t explain it back..sorry, but I am a slow learner when it comes to this…*nail biting*

Despite this, En.Helmi also talked about video production project that we suppose to make in this course. He talked about what we should do in pre-production phase; where obviously we have to get some ideas and have our storyboard done first, production phase; where we will learn how to to shoot our video, what angle is the best angle and etc, and the last one in the process of production is post production phase; which talks about video editing, and others…after listening to his explanation, I was like…”WHAAAT???…wowww…this project will  take a very long time finish..and my, my…i have to create a video?..ME???…ahh,im a dead meat, really…”

these are what we call Ipadsss~~~~

so…basically, this is how moblogs is working…

I thought im the only one who feels that way..but well, when I looked around, everyone seems puzzled….and perhaps because of that, Dr.Rosseni, En.Helmi and En.Yusuf are some sort of comforting us and advising us to take it easy and slowly..but honestly, I am freaking out!!!…


So, that’s about our class for this week..and if u asked me, I’d say it’s a fun class although we were filled with the feeling of anticipation, excited..but at the same time, puzzled, anxious, and curious on what will come to our way soon…that’s all for now, have a nice day ahead!!!!….(^^,)V…


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